A Love Letter

A Love Letter

My wonderful friend,

Can we talk for a minute. I want to know how you are doing, and I want you to know how I love you.

The wonder and beauty in you, the healing and gorgeousness you have to share with the world, fills me with delight. You leave me breathless with the power of what you have to give and I can’t wait to see even more of it as you expand and grow and lean into who you are.

I want you to know, that I see all this strength and glory in you. And I also see, and ache for, the frustration you feel around the parts of your business that don’t bring you as much joy. The way you glow when you are in your bliss is something I wish for you always and in all ways, and it makes me so sad when you feel crushed or stifled by things that you know need to be done, but that don’t bring you that joy.

The drive you have to support and help others, others feel for you as well. Don’t ever forget that. You are loved and supported and admired by those who see how you move and we, as part of your world, want nothing but goodness and grace for you. I want nothing more than goodness and grace for you.

You are meant to soar and be full of light. I want to see that, and share in that. I want to see that success in you, and that power in you, the healing juice that you bring to the world. My heart leaps when I see you doing what you do best.

My question is, how can I help you do more of that? How can I help you have more freedom to express all the joy and beauty and healing you are here to express? What can I move out of your way so your light can shine even brighter? What distractions and burdens can I lift from you, so you may create more healing?

What do you need from me, to really know deep down, that the world loves you and needs who you are? How can I love you harder?

I see you. I love you. I support you. I’m here for you.


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  1. Oh goodness, I love this!

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