You have dreams to follow.
Corvid can help you soar.

Providing Online Business Management services to Creative Small Business Owners focusing on BIPOC and LGBTQIA communities. 

What Corvid Can Do For You

Affordable, available and accessible help for your creative small business.

From minutae to project management, Online Business Managers are here to make your job easier. Here are just a few of the ways Corvid can help your business soar.



Website Design

Website Updates

Business Launch

Creating Work Flows



Email Triage

Dropbox or Cloud Management

Subcontractor Correspondence


Account Reconciliation



MailChimp Management

Social Media Moderating

Our Team

Here are the people who stand ready to step in and free you to follow your bliss.

Andrea O’Sullivan


Andrea has worked as an admin in many different industries, including running her own e-commerce business and supporting and working with multiple other sole proprietorships. She is in the business of giving people space to do the things that light them up.

Who Is Corvid?

Corvid Admin, based in Austin, Texas, has over thirty years experience in various fields, with over a decade of that working specifically with entrepreneurs and small businesses. This places Corvid Admin in the position to handle the background, back office tasks that create a stable foundation for you to stand and grow on. Let Corvid Admin support you by taking over the tasks that you either don’t want to, or are unable to, so that you can do what you love best.

Whatever it is that you went into business to do, it was to do what you love, not to do paperwork, be it hard copy or digital. Unfortunately, many small business owners discover quite quickly that having your own business involves doing a lot of the things you don’t love or don’t know. Things such as payroll, tracking expenses and reconciliation, client or subcontractor management, marketing and scheduling, web design, product launch, project or task management, or social media and email marketing.

Whatever your field of expertise is, there are a surprising number of things that must be done to support it. Ask any successful small business owner and they will confirm, the better the business, the more work that must be done to keep it running smoothly.

Regardless of what you’re doing, it’s done better with the support of a trusted team. That can be hard to come by for entrepreneurs and people working for themselves. If there isn’t enough work to hire someone full-time, or you don’t know who to hire, you are the one stuck doing the ‘un-fun’ work, taking time away from your primary focus and running the risk of making mistakes. In small business, people have to wear many hats. Our professionals can relieve you of a few of them.

At Corvid Admin, what we love is creating order out of chaos. We enjoy creating processes and systems that can be replicated and scaled so that you can make the operation of your business run as smoothly as possible. We love handling the nuts an bolts, letting you recover your energy and passion for the things you love to do. We have a passion for solidifying the foundations that you stand upon, enabling you to push, thrive and expand as far as you want to.

You Have Dreams To Follow. Corvid Can Help.

  • positive review  Andrea takes the complicated issue of taxes and simplifies it for me, all for a reasonable price. She's good at working with my existing systems, and has gotten me the refunds I need to continue reinvesting in my business.

    Nathaniel Eliot Avatar Nathaniel Eliot
    September 21, 2019

    positive review  Andrea does a fantastic job at making clear some of the complicated parts of administrative procedures. I have and will continue to use her services for my business and personal finances. She is patient and wise and totally works with you at your level. She's the best!

    Hex DeWitt Avatar Hex DeWitt
    June 18, 2019

    positive review  Andrea has been amazing for me as I opened my private acupuncture practice! She has helped me Figure out budgets and budgeting software, talked me down from more than one ledge with her grounded approach. If you ever feel overwhelmed trying to figure out how to do all the stuff you have to do, she will help prioritize it, making things so much more manageable. Her knowledge base is vast, but her true power is research. If there’s something she doesn’t know she knows exactly where the world hides it’s secrets. The few times she hasn’t known the answer I’ve been astounded when she returned with some of the most in depth explanations. You are a gem and a life saver!

    Bret Kyle Rogers Avatar Bret Kyle Rogers
    September 21, 2019

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