Clarity Convo

Pause … Breathe Deep … Drop Your Shoulders

Are you just too close?

Hi! I’m Andrea. I recognize that people with creative brains get overwhelmed. I’m the guide that helps you silence the noise and clear the static. Most of your answers already live inside of you.

I see it every day: small business owners trying to play all the roles, all the time. I started out offering services like bookkeeping and web development, but I’m a big picture thinker and clients keep coming back to ask me if we can talk through their business strategy. This is how Clarity Conversations were born.

Clarity Conversations can be useful to nearly anyone, particularly those who are running small businesses or thinking of starting a small business. I’m a magnet for healers and artists who feel stuck. I’ve worked mostly with health and mental health care professionals, healers, artists and educators — but I can work with nearly anyone.

I’m a guide, not a business expert or a maid. I’m not the right fit for you if you’re looking for someone to dictate precisely how to do something you have no idea how to do. You wont find me scrambling along behind anyone cleaning up their messes. There are people for that – I’m not those people.

Let’s zoom out 

Everyone needs a sounding board to help see the bigger picture. When it comes time to make decisions and prioritize, you might find yourself relying on loved ones who are not always engaged, unbiased or informed enough on the subject matter. Some consultants may feel cookie cutter or too specialized to think holistically.

Let’s delve deeply into what aspects of your business have stalled or trouble you. You determine where you want to go and who you want to serve. I clear the cobwebs to get there.

If you’re interested in clarity, I invite you to schedule an initial 90-minute Clarity Conversation. I have an open door policy. I don’t do big fancy package deals. For me, the point is to sit down and talk when I’m really needed – going through the motions to collect a check is not my thing. I want to help you in the way that makes the most sense for you, not lock us into some expensive endeavor with cumbersome steps.

  • After the initial session, many clients schedule regular conversations because they see them as essential maintenance: like an oil change for your creative brain – and your business.

  • You can schedule routine maintenance check-ins with me to prevent burnout. Or, you can come back to me when you feel stuck.

  • I’ve had clients come away with all they need after just one conversation – and I love that just as much.

If Andrea didn’t exist, there’s no way I’d have a 50-foot aerial rig and two stages built in my back yard with dancers twirling and dropping from the sky. I’d still be filtering out too many of the wrong patients for my practice. My ideas would still live in my head.

Elaine Dove

Dove Healing Arts and Dove Stage Project

What would I do without Andrea and our Clarity Conversations? I’m glad I don’t have to find out. Andrea is inciteful (sic) and perceptive. She listens to my rough ideas and helps me organize them for action. It’s invaluable to have someone to brainstorm with that can be so intuitive.

Aubrey Patterson

The Winnowing Place

I am a business butterfly. I fly around to happy things that are cool. My wife is a business bee; she is methodical. Andrea taught me that how I’m built is not a bug — it’s a design feature.

Kristopher Brown

Kodaly Viking

Knowing the next steps can feel like nirvana

That’s what I want for you: bliss, flow, ease. Intrigued? Feeling seen?

I invite you to start the conversation.