Could You Use a Clarity Convo?

You’re here for a reason
Take a deep breath.
Let your shoulders drop.

Are You Just Too Close To It?

I see it every day: small business owners trying to do it all, play all the roles all of the time. I started this business offering specific services, like bookkeeping and web development, but clients kept coming back and asking me how we could have more conversations to hash out their strategy. This is how clarity conversations were born.

I’m a magnet for healers and artists who are stuck.

It’s my natural inclination, and my absolute pleasure to ask questions, to push at the why. I recognize that people with creative brains get overwhelmed. I see myself as a guide that helps you block the noise and clear the static. In other words, I help you simplify and point you back toward information you likely already know, just need someone to talk it out with to clear up the next steps.

Let’s zoom out so you can see the big picture

You may find yourself with so many overlapping thoughts, that you just can’t focus on what to do next. Uncertainty and fear demotivate and can block you even more – they can paralyze your business and cost you time and money.

Everyone needs a sounding board.When it comes time to make decisions and prioritize, you might find yourself relying on consultants or loved ones who are not always engaged, unbiased or informed enough on the subject matter.

We delve deeply, together, into what aspects of your business have stalled or are troubling you. We start with where you’re stuck. You determine where you want to go, who you want to serve, I just lead the way to get there. 

I’m a guide, not a business expert or a maid

You won’t come to me to dictate precisely how to do something you have no idea how to do. You won’t find me scrambling along behind anyone cleaning up their messes. There are people for that – I’m not those people.

If I help you, you’ll come back for more

I have an open door policy. I don’t limit my consultations to big fancy package deals because I want to help you in the way that makes the most sense for you. Many clients see our clarity conversations as essential maintenance: like an oil change for your creative brain – and your business. You can come back when you get stuck. Or, you may schedule routine maintenance check-ins with me to prevent burnout. It’s really up to you.

Knowing the next steps can feel like nirvana.

That’s what I want for you: bliss, flow, ease.


Feeling seen?

I invite you to start the conversation.