What Is a Clarity Convo?

You’re Here For a Reason


Take a deep breath.

Let your shoulders drop

Pause for just a moment. 

Take a deep breath. Let your shoulders drop. Imagine yourself here. Just for a moment.

It’s difficult to make decisions when your mind is full of chatter. The noise of All The Things makes it impossible to prioritize or plan clearly. It can be so hard to even figure out what next question to ask should be, much less what step to take. 

Asking for help can be the most difficult thing of all.

Most often, I hear some version of the following: “I’m about to lose my mind. I have a plan of attack for the project as a whole – I don’t need to hire you to do it, I just need to you to help me to tease out what to do next.”

Are you just too close to it?

When you find yourself stuck in a maze of options, unsure of how to get there, I can help you find that clear path. I see it every day: solopreneurs or small business owners trying to do it all, play all the roles all of the time.

Ocean waves gently rolling onto shore